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The market and demand for cigarettes has grown vastly ever since methods of using tobacco in the form of cigarettes first came about way back in the 1500’s. Cigarettes were firstly commercialized in Virginia. A significant rise in local popularity and consumption of cigarettes lead to cigarettes being shipped to Europe in mass quantities and to be sold. Among these journeys where cigarettes were transported partnering the cigarettes were slaves that were taken from Europe.

Ever since, the need for cigarettes has spread widely all across the world, smoking has become extremely common in millions of households, bars, restaurants, cafes…. The addiction it has caused to a large proportion of the global population has produced substantial business opportunities. Cigarettes are everywhere! They are sold in practically every store, supermarket, convenience store, and many other places.

Smokers of cigarettes are pretty much aware everywhere in the world now of the consequences in terms of the affects it has on our health. Recent labelling and packaging of cigarette packs, and government campaigns clearly have demonstrated the affects that it could and will cause. Cigarettes are extremely damaging to our health, the frequent use of cigarettes could eventually lead to lung cancer, a higher risk of miscarriage for women and also an increased chance for heart attacks.
A large proportion of smokers are male and roughly 42% of all males are smokers! There are much less women smokers, but in Europe and in the USA there is a significant increase in woman smokers than to other continents.
There are many other issues surrounding the cigarette industry and cigarette smoking that are continually discussed throughout governments and communities everywhere in the globe. The continued bad press that cigarettes have had recently has resulted in the implementation of new legislations such as the bans of smoking in public bars, restaurants, places of work etc. For smokers these bans are very frustrating to say at the least, to not be allowed to consume a cigarette while eating or having a drink is practically impossible for many smokers. Surveys have shown how the bans have had an affect on businesses and that revenues are dropping in many cases in immediate affect to the smoking restrictions.
Despite all the ill affects regarding cigarettes, cigarettes are generally used for recreational purposes to stimulate the mind and our body. It should be down to individual choice how much we smoke and when we smoke cigarettes, all the controversy regarding cigarettes doesn't even come to mind in a smokers conscience when smoking. Cigarettes are the same as with alcohol and any other drugs that we use, but because huge sums of money are being made from cigarettes it creates a lot of conflict. From this conflict the disadvantages and consequences of smoking cigarettes have been clearly pointed out lately.

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